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Blond Blood - Ocean

Blond Blood


Surf Punk

"The idea of garage rock, shoegaze, jazz and surf rock all combined"

The artist

Blond blood play surf punk. A care free fun feeling bunch of dudes with a great vibe. They make really unique music compared to the usual stuff we hear out of the UK, and definitely worth a listen if surf punk intrigues ya. They talk a load about surfing with a sprinkle of skating and stuff, with a sonic picture shaking hands with the sick aussie and californian music scenes that are a dream to think about here in the UK.

The Song

Ocean doesn't waste much time in getting to it, letting the listener starting groovin from the get go with a dreamy driven guitar and solid beat. Once the song plants it's feet, enter lo-fi vocals and an established sound. The song then hits us with a head bopping chantable chorus, followed by a great post chorus section which goes to relieve all that tension. The guitars create a driven washy soundscape that'll knock you off your surf board. Drums and bass hold it down with a solid garage/indie feel, giving the song a great calm yet energetic style - good to both chill and bop to. The vocalist adds a great tonality to the music with a fun and melodic touch, various 'I don't give a shit' type noises and an overall singing style which fits in with the bands sound so well.

The band did a great job on the middle 8/bridge part of this song. Leads which remind me of Explosions In The Sky with a driving bass and steady beat reminding us it's still surf punk. Then into a sick lil' riff walking us into the chorus with some really nice chords.

Lyrically the song quite literally talks about going surfing and I'm down with it. It's about the vibe here.

The Verdict

This band holds a special place with this guy; they're a good time, and once cap'n Rona and the live music scene start to get on with each other, I really look forward to possibly playing with these guys in my own band.

I'd recommend a listen to their track 'Oh shit'. It's the shit. A very wet, jazzy, garage, Scott Pilgrim Sex Bob-omb blend of awesomeness. Or maybe my personal favourite track, 'blonde', a raw feeling happy tune that reminds me not to give a fuck.

If you like...

The idea of garage rock, shoegaze, jazz and surf rock all combined - and even the occasional ukulele. That's Blond Blood!

(Written by Ben Donaldson)


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