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AJ Maxwell - Do It So Well

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Do It So Well


" A poetic and downright gorgeous creation that seems to flow as easily as it shines in the moonlit night "


The artist

AJ is a recording Artist from the Isle of Man. He specialises in that summertime, by a fire, night time kind of vibe.


The song

‘Do It So Well’ starts with a beautifully delicate acoustic lick that takes your breath away. A backing acoustic creeps in under the fragile lead (played by Dan Webb of Sunset Jet). AJ’s voice breaks through the quiet with purpose and accuracy. As we move through the verse we are greeted by a cello that lays the foundation of your next heavenly 4 minutes. The gorgeous vocals are coupled with a Latin flavoured lead that slides in and out seamlessly. The Lyrics are so on the money for a love song it’s almost a cliché. Enter the bridge that is beefed up with drums and bass. All of the above feels like a climax to what should be a great chorus…SPOILERS the chorus is heart-breakingly, knee-shakingly, breath-takingly pretty. Repeat the above, and you find yourself at a bridge that is packed with ethereal ohhs and ahhs that pad out this song so perfectly. The instrumentation mostly falls off the face of the earth for another dalliance with the chorus that builds to an orchestral build up. The outro is the chorus with some repeated themes that walk you out the door emotionally exhausted and swooning.


The verdict

I found this song difficult to review as every time I listened to it (roughly 12 times) I got lost in it, I was submerged in it, I was living it and I was in awe of it. A poetic and downright gorgeous creation that seems to flow as easily as it shines in the moonlit night. ‘Do It So Well’ would fit in at the end of a rom-com starring Ryan Gosling and Kate Winslet when they finally get together after years of not being single at the right time. This song can fit any mood, sombre or gleeful. Please, please, please listen to it


If you like…

Noah Reid, Jack Johnson, Alexi Murdoch, City & Colour or even just music in general you have to listen to this song…PLEASE!?

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