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Black Water Creek - Change your mind

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hard rock/heavy metal

"Classically catchy"


The artist

BWC are a three piece classic rock band from Douglas. Lead singer and bassist, Dave Cohen, is backed by Stanley (Sten) Ross Doyle on drums & Liam Callow on guitar.


The song

Change your mind begins with a crushing, descending, 3 pronged onslaught of Sabbath-esq grit. An angsty verse is complimented with a (clichéd in the best way) pentatonic lick adding depth to the fantastically simple riff. All of the above hurls you into the anthemic earworm of a chorus coupled with stellar harmonies. The second verse and chorus shunts into the cutting solo which reeks of the 80s, Marshall stacks, leather and whisky. "Please change your mind for the future" brings us home for a third and final bout with that familiar hook you now know and love. Good luck keeping this song out of your head.


The verdict

Change your mind is a classically catchy but driven display of BWC's songwriting power. Only a lobotomy will remove this fantastic hook from your brain anytime soon.


If you like...

Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, AC/DC or KISS then you will love BWC

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