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Eoin Molyneux - Heavenly Highway Hymns

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Eoin Molyneux

Heavenly Highway Hymns EP Acoustic/Alternative/Folk "You shouldn't listen to this EP, you should experience it"


The Artist

Eoin Molyneux is an acoustic singer/songwriter on the local gig and open mic circuit. Full sets include bouncing covers and the odd original mixed in.


The EP

Heavenly Highway Hymns is an apt and self descriptive name for this EP. 'Ghosts' opens up this exquisite world illustrated with harmonies and shimmering acoustic bliss. While remaining pretty, Ghosts creates a melancholic dream-like state that leaves you longing for closure on the emotions this track puts you through. Remaining consistent with the first track 'Fuse' builds upon the already intoxicating world forming around you. Focusing on the feeling of loss and longing, fuse is a heartbreaking display of Eóin's masterful storytelling. The vague nature of the writing allows you to apply it to any ordeal you may be going/have gone through. To remain objective I really shouldn't admit to having a favourite track from this EP but if I did 'Black & White' would definitely be it. The structure, the tone, the feel, the lyrics, instrumentation. This is a truly spectacular song and I urge you to listen to it. 'Same Old Stories' offers an individual take on getting older and things changing around you. Again Eóin brilliantly uses somewhat vague lyrics to allow you to take your own meaning away. This track just goes to show that you can make a thought provoking piece of art with just a guitar, some reverb and the sound of rain.


The verdict

Comparative to Noel Gallagher on his best ballad writing day with some melancholic tone akin to Radiohead. Soaring vocals leave you emotionally exhausted but wholly satisfied. Jangley and bright, tight acoustic flurries speak directly to your soul. This EP feels like a strange land of hope, loss and benign beauty that Eoin is directing you through. You shouldn't listen to this EP, you should feel it.


If you like...

Oasis ballads, Ralphy McTell's guitar work and Radiohead's morbid tones you'll love Eóin Molyneux


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