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Mad Daddy - Just you Wait

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Mad Daddy Just you wait Punk-a-billy/Rock 'n' Roll/Blue Punk

"Raucous, raunchy & raw Rock 'n' Roll"


The Artist

Mad Daddy are a four piece punky, rocky leather-clad outfit of attitude and good times. Imagine if Elvis grew up in 1970's Camden on a diet of rusty nails and off brand vodka... That's Mad Daddy. Dolyn Clucas-Morris is the chief songwriter providing rambunctious vocals and blistering distorted harmonica. Longtime bassist Elvis Palooka provides the perfect counterpart for Matt Twist's erratic drums and Liam Callow's fuzzy, dirty guitar.


The song

'Just You Wait' feels like an aggressive admission of emotion for a girl that's probably too cool for you. A biting intro calls Dead Kennedys and Sex Pistols to mind coupled with a building kick drum and whaling feedback. This build up pushes you over the edge when the fist of Mad Daddy connects with your poor, unassuming face. A filthy harmonica lick replaces an obligatory guitar solo in an innovative and refreshing way. Enter the vocals for the first verse. The fuzzified, kick in the crotch delivery suits the punky tone of the song ideally, howling oh baby baby. How many times can you say baby in one song? They don't care, they're Mad Daddy and they can do whatever the hell they want! Another go round beats you to a pulp with a two fisted assault of Callow's huge guitar and Clucas-Morris' dirty Harmonica. Chaos then erupts through something you never knew you needed... duelling guitar and harmonica solos. Wrapped up in a neat little bow comes the final chorus which throws you out of the door, spits on you and thanks you for coming.


The verdict

A raucous, raunchy and raw rock 'n' roll tune that promises a good time, delivers a good time and makes you sorry that you asked for a good time. Yes they wear sunglasses inside. Yes the drummer has a 5 inch mohawk and yes... this is Mad Daddy. With a few more releases coming up, Mad Daddy have been hard at work producing both their tracks and their grungey music videos. Keep an eye out for these guys, they have made a niché and filled it brilliantly.


If you like...

If you like some old school punk mixed in with a little blues, soul and honky tonk good times you'll love Mad Daddy


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