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Sunset Jet - Smile

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


Indie Rock/Groove Pop

“An original yet refreshing indie sound I’ll be looking out for Sunset Jet and you should too”


The artist

Sunset Jet are an introspective Indie band from The Isle of Man. They have been on the scene for a while and have a few previous releases that you should definitely check out.


The song

Smile begins with an infectiously groovy beat that gets your toe tapping before you know what’s about to hit you. A mellow and clean riff cradles you immediately with a promise of things to come. A shimmering vocal is paired with an ever moving bassline that compliments the song brilliantly. The lyrics vale nothing as they express that feeling of remaining painfully silent in the presence of a crush (we have all been there). A catchy chorus breaks the verse’s thematically subdued vibe. This chorus is special as it allows the song room to breathe which is something you don’t really seem to find anymore. Silence is a virtue that is usually so often overlooked by song writers and ‘Smile’ embraces that brief and airy quite brilliantly. Rinse and repeat the chorus with some overarching themes to bring you home and wanting more.


The verdict

Smile is a great example of formulaic song writing used to good effect. It grabs you by the hand, gives you the night of your life, kisses you on your cheek at your doorstep and then disappears into the night leaving you wanting more. An original yet refreshing indie sound I’ll be looking out for Sunset Jet and you should too.


If you like…

If you like the idea of The Smiths recording with a track with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys during the mid-00s explosion of Britpop bands then you should add Smile by Sunset Jet to your playlists on Spotify.

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