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Terence George & The Shakies - The Birds

Good ole Rock 'n' Roll

"Masterfully written and cleverly arranged, I cannot wait to hear this live".


The Artist

Terence (Terry) George is a singer songwriter and you can catch him playing with The (Long Tall?) Shakies. Previously of Last Drags Terry has been on the scene for quiet some time after returning from Australia some time ago.


The Song

The Birds starts off with a lush landscape fittingly filled with birdsong and some lofi acoustic finger picked guitar. Terry's ever-distinct voice breaks through the ambience taking us to what will be the hook.

The instrumentation builds from solely guitars to a brilliantly moving bassline (thank you Martyn) as well as a lovely organ. All this allows for the beefed up verse to make way for the now full power chorus... and what a chorus.

A few go's around brings us to a wonderfully refreshing keys solo. This quiet spot allows time for the track to breath, a great tool for a songwriter to use. Finally an abrupt burst brings us to a close.

What a fucking song.


The Verdict

This is like a brand new genre of music "Lie in on a Sunday and not get up till 3pm-core" and I'm all for that.

The Birds is a beautifully chilled track that chases its tail brilliantly. We could for sure hear this as a "jam" track in the middle of a live set that affords each member to completely rip for however long 3 pints lasts. Masterfully written and cleverly arranged, I cannot wait to hear this live.


If you like...

The Black Keys, Albert King, Paulo Nutini or any artist that bears their soul then this is for you.

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